Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Vibrations (Back from Hiatus!)

I've been having quite the ball with my pet, lately, as we've delved into more creative forms of sensory play. Per his beautiful hips, legs, ass, and overall desire to be used as a sissy-girl, this has taken on a life of its own when it comes to using toys.

He has had a lovely frenum piercing directly below the head for over a year now, and I've decided that this absolutely makes his cock more like a clit. Because he loves to be sissified and treated like a slut, I've taken to using toys on him that are marketed specifically for females.

The favorite, lately, is a small magic bullet-like vibrator housed within nubbed rubber that fits over my forefinger. 
When he is in his panties and lingerie, I take the rubber tip of the vibe and place it in the center of the piercing so that it touches the skin housing the shaft of the piercing and presses into the shaft of the piercing and the penis. 
From there, I move the tip to each of the balls on either side of the piercing, alternating about every ten seconds or so. 

Watching him squirm and bite his lips is fantastic. His moans become decidedly higher than his normal speaking range, and when he answers my questions he uses a deliciously feminine tone. There's nothing forced, nothing squeaky, just a breathless, soft, higher-pitched voice begging for more.

Because he's received two more frenum piercings, stroking the shaft of his penis is out of the picture for at least another month - which makes his cock even more clit-like. 

When he must depend solely on vibration to stimulate his clit, he can be put into such total femme space that his whole body reacts - he plays with his nipples, swerves and grinds his hips, licks his full beautiful and often-glossed lips. And the words that come flying out of that mouth - tremendous!
He begs for my cock, he begs for a REAL cock, he begs to be used, he begs to be fucked - it's all so perfectly slutty, and I love it!

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