Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"What is the point of Financial Domination?"

"What is the point of Financial Domination? I get it - you get tons of cash from men who have nothing else to do with their money, but is there an actual point? What's sexy about it?"

Financial Domination has always, for me, been an activity to defend, as a ProDomme.

I see so much of the same verbiage being flung around by flash-in-the-pan, looking-for-a-quick-buck untrained "dommes": "Pay up, piggy!" "Be my human ATM!" "Pay my bills, you worthless bitch-boy!"

It's no wonder people laugh at FinDom or dismiss it as illegitimate when such a paucity exists  of FinDommes with imagination, and the niche is reduced to a patly scripted exchange.

I propose that there is a better way.
There is so much more to FinDom than the money that changes hands, just as there's more to Sadomasochism than the whip or paddle used to deliver lashes/spanks.

Money is not the end goal - power exchange is the end goal.

For some Kinksters, giving up their financial wealth and freedom is the most erotic form of submission.
A former client, who worked as a financial advisor, would tell me at every opportunity, "It's the fact that I can just let go - I know you get all of it, except my allowance, and it feels so good knowing that I can worship you like this. I don't worry about the money - I love making the sacrifice."

The key bit of information that is so often left out is that the "sacrifice" was a carefully planned and maintained amount that was agreed upon after much communication between myself and the financial submissive. I didn't take all of his money, or leave him to starve, or prohibit him from maintaining a normal and healthy lifestyle outside of our interaction.

The fantasy of total financial ruin is just that: a fantasy.
Anyone who actually goes out looking for this needs to be referred to professionals for either financial counseling or possible talk therapy to get to the root cause of such financial self-harm.

For those who can express their needs for humiliation coupled with financial domination (or simply play that centers on the fantasies of being financially used) there are endless possibilities for SAFE and SANE interactions and payments.

Trained, experienced, and ethical Financial Dominants will not only use their imaginations to roleplay and interact with their clients, but will also check in, regularly, outside of play to make sure the client is not harming himself through his financial sacrifices.

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