Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"What do you get out of being a ProDomme?"

"What do you, as the professional and the facilitator, get out of a session, other than your payment? Do you enjoy your work, or do you just enjoy the financial rewards?"

This question comes from a friend in the vanilla world who has never participated in Kink or BDSM play, and who was extremely curious as to how a professional relationship of this variety could yield enjoyment, on my end. She goes on to ask, "I mean, you are giving them everything they want, after doing all these intake interviews and getting to know them, in depth. Where is your fun, if it exists at all?"

I enjoy my work to an inordinately high degree, and this is why:

Mental domination and the mental/fetishistic analysis of my clients is incredibly stimulating.
Like any experienced professional who chose their field from a love of the work, I adore increasing my repertoire and finding new facets and new outlets for Kink/BDSM play.

Knowing that a person has opened their mind to me, without reservation, is the ultimate thrill.

Watching the internal realizations of submissives gives me immense satisfaction.
Receiving messages or hearing utterances, in person, of self-awareness is the true pinnacle of my work. When a sub understands and expresses understanding of their wants, needs, fantasies, desires, and fetishes, it means that I have succeeded.
When the sub learns how to use that understanding to enjoy themselves to the fullest under my instruction during scenes or verbal play, then I have excelled and they have excelled alongside me.

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