Thursday, October 3, 2013

"What attracts you, as a ProDomme, to Sissy Play?"

"Madame, I would like to ask why you, personally, enjoy sissy-play and sissification?"

I love the personal questions!

For me, the enjoyment of sissification and sissy play comes from the extreme mental PE (power exchange) through physical modification.

There's so much to do: costumes, make up, shoes, hosiery, maid outfits, training outfits, lingerie, clit ties, taping...the list never seems to stop! The only limits on the extent of sissification are within my and my client's imagination.

I love meeting a man who in vanilla life is a suit-wearing, top exec, but who yearns to put on those red lace panties and be forced to wear lipstick and rouge.

I love tying a pretty little bow on the boy-clit of a construction worker whose body hair must be shaved, meticulously, before every session, to enhance his total transition to sissy princess.

I enjoy the process of understanding where these men come from, why they love what they love, what drives them to live such dualities of masculinity and femininity.

I enjoy watching and effecting the physical and mental transformations that occur during each session, and truly relish the trust and total honesty inherent to such intimate sessions.

Every client is so different, every set of desires so varied. I find it to be a fetish that forces me, as a professional, to be better, more imaginative, more analytical, and more creative. I am thankful for every client who presents me with the opportunity to indulge such a complex fetish!

I very much love the aspects of sissy-play within the context of personal relationships, as well.
I adore watching a cherished sub open presents that are lacey, pink, soft, flowing, and/or slutty.
The looks of happiness and girlish excitment as they shimmy into panties, skirts, and hosiery never cease to make me smile.
I love applying lip gloss, in bright sparkling flamingo pink, to the lips of sweet sissies who want nothing more than to feel pretty.

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