Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Do you think of Genital Piercings, for Pets?

"Madame, do you think that piercing a pet is a solid practice to show ownership? Have you ever had a pet pierced? Do you enjoy the way it looks?"

I am thrilled to be answering these questions, as I just had my favorite pet pierced (like this) 24 hours ago.  It's the most beautiful placement of jewelry I think I've ever seen on a male body.

I'm a huge proponent of body modification, and have had the joy of watching a pet be tattooed with my mark. That process paled in comparison to piercing, in terms of sheer power and reaction of the pet.

I believe that piercing is the most elegant and efficient means to constantly remind pets that they are owned, utterly and completely.

With genital piercings especially, the constant reminder typically keeps them constantly aroused. They are on edge, in the most deliciously torturous of ways, and they always have their Mistress on the mind.

I believe that in piercing the cock of a slave you reinforce the fact that it does not belong to that person - it belongs totally and utterly to You, the Madame/Mistress/Domme. Every time he moves, pissess, thinks about touching himself, or becomes hard, he is reminded that he has been modified by his Owner.

The experience is one that can be worked towards, providing a goal for those pets who require constant tangible motivation. (There is nothing wrong with needing such motivation, as it keeps the imagination and body at peak performance in anticipation of the novel and intriguing.)

Requiring a pet to prove his worthiness before being pierced or marked in any way reinforces his inclination to strive for perfection.
Men, as we all know, work best when put in the position to prove themselves.
This type of goal also weeds out the less-than-dedicated pets who cannot give up control or put total faith in an Owner.

The physical moment of piercing is a truly beautiful communion between pet and Owner, especially when it is approached with joy and the relief of a pet who has, all his life, striven to be owned.

Being exposed, being touched by another person in the presence of his Owner, being poked and prodded and CHANGED by someone as his Owner looks on - all of these aspects reinforce the fact that he is not in control.

How safe, secure, and blissful, no?

There is finality and peace following the pain, just like there is peace during the aftercare following a great session.
There is an ever-present addition to the pet's body that reassures him, with every step he takes, that he is never without the will of his Domme.

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