Friday, October 18, 2013

Interview with the Madame for Crushtime

1. How did you get into the crush fetish?

 I first learned about the fetish through a man with whom I was friends and who later became my SO. He would talk about his affinity for Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and would often engage me in exercises of mutual imagination in which we'd discuss the pros and cons of shrinking men/turning them into bugs/growing to the size of a giantess/stepping on cars with giant heeled shoes.

 2. What do you most like about the art of crush?

 If I had to choose my favorite aspect, it would have to be the process of unwrapping the sacrifices that are sent to me to crush - I love looking at and admiring the items, and thinking about their previous owners who loved, cherished, or even just enjoyed them. I very much enjoy knowing that the act of crushing them is merely a transfer of enjoyment. I am always sure to film the opening of sacrifices because I am always willing to share my enthusiasm and wickedness while I prepare to obliterate formerly treasured items. A close second is the first, well aimed, and carefully planned step, especially on items that are resilient and make a pop or crunch as they are flattened. That first, sharp POP of a model car is always supremely satisfying.

 3. What are your favorite items to crush and why?

 My favorite items to crush are model planes, musical instruments of great sentimental value, meticulously made origami, and diplomas.

 4. What other types of fetishes do you indulge? I indulge a wide range of fetishes, from Giantess to Crush, CBT to Strapon, Humiliation to Mindfucking, Sadism, Bondage, Sissy Play, Worship/Goddess, and many, many others.

 5. Do you get into the Giantess Fetish?

 Absolutely. :-) I've written a few stories and done quite a bit of online RP. I certainly appreciate the imagination, inventiveness, and creativity of those for whom this fetish is a primary indulgence.

 6. What are your favorite types of shoes to crush in?

 I adore patent leather, and so black baby-doll or Mary Janes are always fun. The more exotic, however, the better. My long-time favorite are a pair of python pumps with tire-tread soles.

 7. Do you prefer crushing barefoot or with shoes?

 It really depends on the item being crushed. For fruits and vegetables I absolutely prefer bare feet - it's like a spa treatment! I love the texture of pulpy fruits between my toes, and my feet smell so delicious after each piece of fruit is reduced to mush. For harder items (everything non-organic) I enjoy wearing shoes. The great exception to this rule is paper - diplomas and origami are incredibly exciting to manipulate with my toes, so with those items I will typically crush in bare feet first, then use shoes to really mash and grind the objects.

 8. What will you not crush?

I will not crush anything that has or had a pulse. Other than that, fair game.

 8. What celebrity(s) would you like to work with?

I would adore to do a joint session, in any of my preferred niches, with Angelina Jolie. Her stigma, presence, beauty, and apparent intellect would make for an exciting collaboration. I would also very much enjoy speaking to Emma Thompson and helping her understand the intimacy of crush. Her feet are beautiful and everytime I see her striding out to meet Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing, I imagine her walking right over a few men in her anger.

 9. If you were queen of the world what changes would you make?

 Goodness, that's a loaded question. Without becoming too entrenched, I'd say overtake the Ag Giants and ensure ready availability of nutrition to every human being, make marijuana legal beyond medical use, global acceptance of gay marriage by law, increase the number of institutions that train and treat for work with the psychologically, mentally, and physically disabled, and eradicate all men who have raped, beaten, or otherwise tortured women (especially family members).

 10. Why do you thinks it's important to indulge in one's fantasy's?

 It is a basic human need. We want what we want, based on our wetware and our formative experiences. To deny and bury one's desires and fantasies is to deny one's self, to a certain extent. This denial and distancing from aspects of one's personality only leads to anger, resentment, and a general inability to be happy. Unhappiness breeds hatred. Unhappiness and discontent lead us to want others to suffer, as we suffer. Indulgence in fantasy, in a safe and sane manner, keeps us safe and sane and productive as members of the human race.

 11. What's your favorite quote of all time?

 Ha! Surely ye jest! There are many, but the one that springs to mind is from Dante's Purgatorio. Translation: Though Necessity be the source of every Love that flames within us, the power to curb that love is still our own.

 12. What kind of movies/TV/music do you like?

 I'm a huge fan of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Star Trek TNG, Babylon 5, Law&Order SVU, NCIS, and Man vs. Food.
Musical tastes span from Samuel Barber to Avicii, with notable standouts: The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Carl Orff, Antonin Dvorak, Etta James, Duke Ellington, The Civil Wars, Lady Gaga (live, acoustic with piano, bitte), and Linda Ronstadt.
I adore Black Swan and The Tree of Life, The Princess Bride, Sherlock Holmes and Snatch, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

 13. What do you think is the most important event to take place in the last twenty years?

 I believe the emergence of stem cell research would rank among the most important events of the past twenty years.

 14. Which do you prefer Star Trek or Star Wars?

 TOUGH question. It really depends on my mood. Curling up on the couch during the winter months with popcorn = Star Wars, IV, V, VI
Summer night, unwinding, beer in hand = Star Trek, preferably a Q episode.

 15. What are some of your pet peeves?

 Poor Hygiene, Bad Manners, Disrespect of time and personal space, Stinginess, and the absence of self control in those with whom I interact.

16. What do you like/hate the most?

Broad question... I like genuine conversation and detest flaky folk.

 17. What is your idea of total happiness?

 Total happiness = comfort and acceptance of self. My bliss comes from giving and receiving sincere love.

18. What can we expect from Madame Beatrice in the future?

 More writing, more videos, more interaction with fans, and I am working toward the development of a conclave of minds that are dedicated to the education of all people on the subjects of Kink and Sexual Self Expression.

 19. Do you have a new website or clips store on Clips for and 

 20. Do you have any messages for your fans?

 To thine own self be true.
Never judge another's proclivities, but strive for interpersonal awareness and acceptance.

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