Monday, October 21, 2013

Mimosa Foot-bath Decadence for Goddesses (and the footsluts who love Them)

A Blood Orange Mimosa foot treatment, to be received by only the most Opulent and Decadent of Goddesses and to be offered as sacrifice by only the most dedicated and devoted of slaves.

Items needed:
1 Magnum of Champagne (Veuve Clicquot preferred)
6 Blood Oranges
2 Champagne Flutes
2 Footbaths or 2 Large Porcelain Bowls (capable of holding at least 1 Gallon of Liquid, each)
1 Herringbone Weave Turkish Bath Towel
1 Tray of Ice Cubes

 1) Chosen footslut hand squeezes 6 blood oranges. The juice of 3 of the oranges goes into a champagne flute. The juice from the other 3 is set aside in a container from which it can easily be poured, along with the pulp from all 6 oranges. This is to be done before the Mistress arrives to ensure all expediency in providing Her with pleasure.

2) The footslut provides comfortable seating for his Mistress (low couch or well padded leather armchair, preferred), and then adds champagne to the flute containing blood orange juice to create a mimosa for the Mistress.

 3) While Mistress sips her Mimosa, the footslut pours enough champagne into the footbath/appropriately sized porcelain bowl to cover the feet of his Mistress. The juice from the last 3 blood oranges is added to the foot bath.

4) The footslut then massages the champagne and juice into the soles, toes, and arches of the Mistress, paying special attention to the skin between her toes and to the heels of her feet. The citrus will invigorate and stimulate the skin, as will the effervescence of the champagne.

4) When Mistress is satisfied, both with her drink and the massage, the footslut will retrieve the other footbath/porcelain bowl filled with steaming water, and bring ice cubes to temper the water to his Mistress' taste. He will then rinse Her feet and use only the plushest of towels to dry them, after they are thoroughly rinsed.

5) (Optional)  Once Mistress is relaxed, enjoying her drink with dry feet, the footslut may be granted the privilege of pouring the contents of the first footbath into the second champagne flute and enjoying his own mimosa.

 Repeat as desired!

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