Friday, October 25, 2013

Verbal Stimulation - Using Your Words to Get Results

In working with more and more clients in this, my new city of Buffalo, I'm realizing just how widespread the disparity is between desire and the ability to articulate that desire.
Perhaps it is merely the disparity between desire and access to a safe space/person in and with whom to express that desire.

Either way, there's a lot of repression through which my clients are working.

And no, it's not a condition local to Buffalo.

It's certainly a behavior that I have previously encountered: subs who want, need, and crave Dominance but have no earthly idea how to ask for it or how to articulate the specifics of those desires.
I am, perhaps, simply so keenly aware of it, here, because it has been the common denominator amongst all of my clients, to date.

It is also the current, but slowly changing, condition of my sweetest pet and favorite personal sub.
Every day I'm learning just how painful but important it is to encourage and bear witness to the verbal expression, written or spoken, of his new and slightly unnerving journey toward self awareness.

That's what verbal interaction is all about, for both Dommes and the subs they love and the clients with whom they work: self awareness that leads to self fulfillment.

Physical pleasure is high on the list, and no one's denying it. I thrill every time I see my sweet pet or one of my clients absolutely lose themselves in sensation.
But the true high, the true ecstasy for me, comes from their understanding of those sensations and clear ability to ask for those sensations.

Am I on the cerebral end? You're damn right. Do I want to get inside the minds of every sub I encounter and lick their motor strip and processing centers until they cum? Double-damn right.

However, since lobotomy and cranial lingual stimulation are not recommended, I get to use my tongue in other ways - I get to use my words.

I get to describe, entice, tease, create, and titillate, all with the mere touch of my tongue to my teeth and hard palette.

I get to show my sweet favorite that I love him by telling him, outright, and by telling him what I love to do to him, his mind, and his body.

I get to encourage, praise, and correct with the softest direction and the most lustful demands.

I get to lead by example.

With every submissive, I strive to use my words in an effort to show them that they, too, can have exactly what they need through the simple act of asking.

Hell, you go ahead and beg, you beautiful submissives - you know I like that.

Articulate begging, and even barely-lucid begging, are hugely aphrodisiac in their effect.

But you have to start somewhere -
You have to start by talking, and by asking for what you want.

Believe me, your words will yield amazingly tailored and pleasurable results.

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