Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Beauty of Submissive Men

Men who derive happiness from submission and service, who find their bliss at the feet and in the will of their Goddess - these men have learned the joy of letting go.

They have learned that their world is not defined by their jobs; that it is not defined by the sports they watch, the friends they have, or the mantastic manly-man activities in which they engage in their free time.

They have learned that they can be exactly who they are and who they WANT TO BE in the presence of a woman who is strong enough and trustworthy enough to give them Dominance.

Submissive men can be 24/7 lifestyle subs, or they may simply need to have that one hour in the week during which they find release and a much deserved break from the facade of total control.

I love submissive men for many reasons:

I love their ability to express  their need.
I love watching that moment of giving in - the eyes roll back, the teeth bite the lower lip, and you can tell they're home.
I love the sighs, the eagerly open mouths, the willingness to trust and obey.

Men who are submissive, who have the courage to ask for a Mistresss, show such strength.

Men who are switches, who understand the fluidity and balance of their minds, show such awareness.

Men who come to me and ask (humbly, with respect) to please be given the peace and understanding only afforded by a Woman in Power, will always receive what they seek.

My life's work is dedicated to fostering a safe and sane space, whether in a chat window, hotel room, dungeon, or bedroom, and ensuring that my clients walk away feeling whole.

Submissive men, I salute you.

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