Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Call for Change and Determination

As Dommes, subs, Kinksters, fetishists, sexual beings, human beings, lovers, and professionals, we cannot stop at pleasure.
We cannot stop at the exchange of touch and sensation.

We have to move farther.
We have to think bigger.

We have to come together, as a community, not merely in a communal search for partners and those with whom we can play, but as whole persons - productive members of society who are capable of carrying the dialogue of BDSM and its benefits beyond the secrecy of our respective bedrooms.

I see and hear and have experienced so many stories of individuals who felt despair and fear as a result of their proclivities. Whether because they did not know how to find what they needed or because they entrusted those needs to men and women who were either malicious or uninterested in truly providing a safe, sane, and consensual atmosphere, they found only questions and doubt instead of fulfillment.

This trend of fear must be put to an end.

I have an idea.
It's just a seed, right now.
It has the potential to grow.

I want to find all the professionals, all those with education, experience, articulation, and interest in bettering the world for ALL of us.
I want to find community leaders, those who believe they have the capacity and ability to change the atmosphere of secrecy in a Vanilla world.
I want to begin the process of developing safe havens, centers for education, truly productive associations that are not based on hedonism alone or recovery alone, but where ALL who wish to learn and grow in their BDSM/Kink lives can do so as WHOLE PERSONS.

My background is in Speech Pathology. My work in the medical field informs my work as a ProDomme EVERY day. The compassion and analysis I brought form that field to this are integral to my work and cannot be denied as factors that inform my interaction with clients and students.

We cannot continue to live in a world where our sexual preferences defines us and keeps us closeted.
It is not an option. We have to pool our mental resources.
We have to apply the creativity present in our sex lives to our everyday lives in order to make the two sides harmonious.

The separation must end.

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