Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween: Apply it to EVERY day.

Every year, on Halloween, I think back to parties with friends, FetBalls, trick or treating, general costume play, and the overall sense of being at home in decadence and silliness.

I love watching the way bodies transform from vehicles to canvases;
 receptacles to stages;
 bags of flesh to boundless creative and interactive possibility.

I'd love to bottle the feeling of this night and mass-atomize it like a perfume, throughout the rest of the year.

I want the grand parade to continue.
I want to feel the energy of transformation and expression permeate the populous, from the young-and-learning to the middle-age-in-crisis to the older-and-experienced.
I want the unmasking to occur each and every night.

Go out.
Be exactly what you want to be, if just for one night.
Then, in the morning, don't dismiss the feeling of genuine excitement -
let it live on, throughout the coming week, month, and year.

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