Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sheela Na Gig: So Very Pleased to Meet You

It is difficult to fathom how I have not been privy to this concept/image/goddess/protector/destroyer/creator prior to this morning.

 I am immersing myself in the imagery.

 I really can't stop staring into the myriad vulvae populating my screen, thanks to GoogleImages.

 There it is, a female figure holding herself open, grinning in the face of anything and everything that may be coming toward her.

 She does not give two tenths of a fuck.

 No, I take that back.
 She knows she's powerful.
She knows her BODY is powerful.
She is the opposite of bodily and/or Womanly shame.

 My god, I don't quite know how to process all of this in a coherent, let alone articulate, way.
I just keep staring.

So much of this imagery hits me right between the ribs.

 It's debilitating to see a concept you've struggled to understand and embrace for a lifetime RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

 I know that, throughout my life, even before I was able to understand the concept of sexual healing, I've felt the urge to use my body and my ability to protect and envelop others, mentally and physically, for good.
For THE good.
For uppercase, all-around, heart-pounding, evil-obliterating Good.

 It's terrifyingly humbling to look at an image and see the visual manifestation of an innate, personal, but heretofore undefined truth.

 Sheela Na Gig - I'm so very pleased to meet you.

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