Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fuck Generic Play

Yes, I said it.
Fuck generic play.

I'll keep saying it.
Fuck generic interaction, communication, and play.

In fact, no - using the word fuck, here, is contradictory.
Being generic should NEVER garner the pleasure of being fucked, mindfucked, or even "fucked with" in the sense of teasing.

Nothing is more insulting to me, as a Pro and Lifestyle Domme, than those individuals who regurgitate the same old boring, tired, generic slop and try to pass it off as some kind of worshipful and innovative brand of FemDom.

To any who are guilty of this behavior, to any degree, I say:
Knock that shit off.

Respect yourself enough to learn, interact, speak, write, and play on a sincere level.

Go out and meet people in your community, or in other communities.

Get off the internet once in a while and live the life you claim to love.

Give BACK.

Grow, for fuck's sake.

I'm swearing, today.
This happens when I get my blood pumping early in the morning.
The four letter words come out when I have reached the end of my patience with women, men, and anyone who does not fall exclusively into either category, who attempt to style themselves as the Real Deal.

No, posing with a five dollar whip does not make you Dominant.
No, calling every person with whom you interact a bitch or a piggy does not make you an adept practitioner of FemDom.
No, being a demanding and brattish glutton for material goods does not make you an actual FinDomme.
No, verbally kissing the ass of anyone with the title of Master or Mistress does not make you a submissive.
No, being an attention whore does not make you worthy of a Domme/Dom's attention.

People, wake up.

Stop the generic approach to D/s.
Stop the generic approach to business.
Stop the generic approach to interaction.

I feel like writing the Bondage version of Fight Club.
I feel, distinctly, like Tyler.

You are not your number of Twitter followers.
You are not your number of friends on FetLife whom you've never met, in person.
You are not the pile of expensive shoes sitting in your walk-in closet in which you never walk.

Most of us don't wear khakis, but the statement still applies:
You are not your fucking khakis.

In the end, that's what all the trappings of Domination become, if you allow yourself to become lazy, complacent, stagnant, and generic - your leather corset becomes the khakis of the Kinky world.

Fuck. That. Noise.

Do something, today, that is outside of your norm.
Do something, today, that is genuine.
Do something, right now, this moment, that will set you on the path to being both stimulated and stimulating.

You are not the crop in your closet.
You are not the boots on your feet.
You are not your fucking corset.

Change starts, now.

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