Saturday, February 15, 2014

Male Chastity Day: Establish Total Ownership & Give Him the Gift of Control

Today, when so many are reeling from the emotional rollercoaster/Armageddon of Valentine's Day, we must not forget the ACTUAL importance of February 15th.

That's right.

It's Male Chastity Day!

Such a glorious day, don't you think? Dedicated solely to the practice of locking up cocks on submissive men in order to bring control, calm, and caged bliss to their horny lives.

Because the cock is such a fickle, needful, inconvenient, and downright impatient beast, it clearly needs to be treated like a child with bad behavior: it needs to be given boundaries.
It needs structure.
It needs rules.
And it needs them NOW.

Today, assess your husband/boyfriend/submissive and ask yourself this question: is it time for Me, as a Dominant, to exert My total control over his cock?
The answer, of course, is a resounding YES.

How can we, the ones in a position of power and control, claim to be giving our submissives the restraint and Dominance they crave if we let their cocks, masturbation habits, and ability to cum run free?
We cannot claim it at all when chastity is not being implemented.

Now, before there are cries of "but that's so much WORK!" remember this - being a Dominant IS work. Get that set in your mind and embrace it, or get out of the lifestyle.

On to the fun stuff!


Caging is, of course, the most lauded and publicly recognized form of chastity within circles who implement the practice. There is a solid, locked, inescapable restriction put on men by their keyholders from which they cannot escape without explicit release from the Dominant who has the key to any given device.

There are so many choices for devices, which makes it fun to shop, select, and try on various options with submissives. There is a certain learning curve with sizing and determining practicality across various lifestyles, but it is, overall, an exciting step for any D/s couple trying out the practice, and can be an immensely important bonding activity for trust building and, of course, foreplay.

This method provides visual, tactile, and psychological appeal because it is so PRESENT.
A sub, in the beginning stages, will feel the constant constriction and physical reminder that their dick is no longer a toy that belongs to them. The magical moment is when a submissive male realizes...oh my Goddess...being caged...feels GOOD.

They will begin to crave the cage, feel safe within the cage, and positively LOVE the cage.

Psychologically Enforced Chastity or The Honor System

A level up, of course, is mental chastity implemented through sheer psychological ownership.
This type of chastity is only for those D/s relationships where honesty and total obedience are unquestioned, and in which the Dominant can devote larger amounts of time and effort to chastity training.

It's no easy thing to trust a submissive to not touch themselves based on the honor system, and it requires months, if not years, of training to instill total obedience and the ability for them to resist their urge to masturbate based on a need to please you, the Dominant.

The process also requires constant encouragement, reward systems, and positive verbal reminders of how much the submissive is pleasing you, his Dominant, by remaining chaste.

Creating an atmosphere in which rewards are centered on giving the Dominant pleasure, arousing his body and mind through activities other than sex, and teaching him that arousal does not inherently guarantee, nor should always include, orgasm = three techniques that play a large part in honor-system chastity training.

Take it from Me: the knowledge that your submissive is enthralled to your will and has overcome his pubescent masturbatory habits in order to please YOU is an enormously rewarding payoff.

This Valentine's Weekend, take back Control - and lock up that cock in a cage or the vice of your own deliciously Dominant and deviant will!

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