Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"What do you like about the giantess fetish?"

"What do you like about the giantess fetish? Do you prefer to grow, or for tiny people to shrink? What size range do you like? I can see benefits to growing and shrinking, and many different size ranges."

When it come to the Giantess Fetish, there's so much room for creativity - erotic fiction, roleplaying, video production, self-insertion into CGI scenes via green screen - the list goes on and on.

I greatly enjoy the Giantess community because it is one that, on the whole, celebrates, encourages, and shows great respect for sincerity and creativity.
Novices and experienced players take pride in creating their own artistic expressions of the fetish and their personal desires.
Mediums range from photography to computer animation, to pen and ink, to claymation, with likely hundreds of other mediums along the spectrum.

I love the need to be overwhelmed - by the size, beauty, smell, embrace, and mere presence of a giant Woman.

When I write or roleplay, I like to enjoy writing stories and roleplaying as a typically sized woman who invents or discovers a means of shrinking men down to the size of about six inches tall. Pet sized, if you will - small enough to please me in ways I desire, and also small enough to carry around like a little companion, if I'm feeling sweet.

However, I do enjoy writing stories and roleplaying scenarios in which I begin as a giantess or grow during the story. The idea of becoming so powerful that a single movement would effect thousands of people is both intriguing and gratifying.

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