Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Never Disrespect a ProDomme - There Are No Second Chances

It is my professional and personal policy to maintain open and clear communication at all times.
I regularly send "check in" emails or "debriefing" emails to clients following initial sessions to ensure that their comfort and boundaries are intact, and maintain that communication throughout the professional relationship.

I make it a priority to encourage clients to voice concerns in a courteous and open manner. As a friend from the Twitterverse so aptly stated, "[...]informing someone is a common courtesy. Not extending common courtesy to someone usually requiring UNcommon courtesy is a disrespectful move."

My time, my attention, and my skill are all far too valuable to waste upon clients who do not understand the heightened respect and courtesy that must be used during all interaction.

When I am met with disrespect by persons who waste my time, it does nothing but incur my wrath.
There are no second chances, with me: if you waste my time, that time is no longer available to you.

And so, to any and all who interact with Dommes on a professional level, I say to you:

If you have qualms, voice them.
If you are uncomfortable, speak up.
If you no longer wish to communicate or session, inform your Domme as soon as possible.

Do not hide trepidation.
Do not disappear without notice.
Do not sever ties without explanation.
DO NOT refuse or fail to make payment for services rendered, in a professional setting.

Disrespect is NEVER an option.

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