Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Training for Sissies - Discipline A Must!

Hello dear readers!

Today's post centers on a subject that is both fraught with nuance and rife with controversy - the proper way to keep a Sissy-in-Training in check.

(Alright, so there aren't THAT many folks up in arms over the proper technique for keeping our prissy little girlie-boys in line, but I've been privy to a few hot debates over the past two weeks, and I wanted to weigh in on where I draw the line during sissy training!)

To start, I will stress that, even when administering discipline, it is never ideal to be so harsh as to squelch a sissy's enthusiasm. After all, what makes sissies so appealing (at least, to My mind) is their incredibly sexualized drive to please. That being said, every eager sissy needs some molding to become the perfect suck-and-fuck toy for his Mistress.

Keep him reminded of his place: a pretty boy will find it easy to get caught up in his own new-found "pretty" status as he sees the way skirts, tights, high heels, dresses, and lingerie look on his well-toned body. Do not allow vanity to creep into your sissy's mind to such a degree that he becomes conceited. A sissy should take pride in what his OWNER thinks of him, not in what he thinks of himself.

Always keep your sissy aware that he has room to improve. It may be in his physical appearance, it may be in his ability to walk in those new four inch heels, or it may even be in his vocal pitch and volume. No sissy is ever a perfect sissy - and no sissy should ever feel bored, unchallenged, or as if he has no more to learn! Keep them humble to keep them happy and hungry for more training!

Keep him locked up. Chastity is key (pun absolutely intended) to reminding a sissy boy that his cock is no longer the central piece of his appeal, sexuality, or bodily awareness. Instead, by keeping him caged, you remind him that he must focus on keeping every other piece of himself up to standard: shaved, tweezed, and ready to be exposed at ANY moment.

The ideal sissy should be ready for service at all times, and must never EVER bring embarrassment to his Mistress by having stray hairs, scruff, or stubble interfere with his feminine appearance. Failure to maintain proper sissy-hygiene will result in denial of sissy dress, play, and recognition from the Mistress.

Remember, Owners: the greatest act of discipline for a sissy is to be stripped of his sissy identity. When a girlie-boy misbehaves, slacks off, or otherwise disappoints his Mistress, he has forfeited the privilege of being Her sissy, and all the trappings that come with that distinction.

It is not the right of a sissy boy to be dressed, caged, exhibited, or shared for use and abuse. As Mistresses, we hold the power to fulfill or deny the fantasies, desires, and deeply-rooted needs of sissy-boys - we must ensure that each one who enjoys Our control has, first, earned the privilege to enjoy that control.

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