Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Training Heath: Teasing, Sensory Play, Sadism, and Deprivation

We all know what it means to tease and be teased.
It's foreplay, of the best sort. 
It revs the engines, signaling the body to prepare itself for pleasure, pain, and (if it's lucky) orgasm.
It puts us on edge, and makes every sensation seem that much more intense, from biting to licking to flogging - every touch, stroke, and lash is heightened in our mind's perception.

Teasing is essential when beginning the training of a male pet, and, really, a pet of any gender. 

For Heath, in particular, sending him images throughout the workday, leaving notes by the bathroom mirror, and generally creating an environment of sexual saturation in day-to-day activities keeps him on the edge of his proverbial seat and rock hard in his literal panties. 

However, teasing is never (and should never be) the goal. 

It must be used as an effective tool to train, teach, own, envelope, and entrance. 
Teasing shouldn't last for weeks - there must be some sort of release at the beginning. 
Leave the long-term chastity fantasies on the back burner, if you're just beginning with a new sub. 

Yes, the idea of keeping him from orgasm for months on end may seem fantastic, but it is neither prudent nor realistic to try and enforce such strictures from Day One.

We, as Dominant Women, must use our natural abilities to teach, lead, and control to mold our new and/or inexperienced pets into the ideal submissives that We (and they!) desire them to be.

In training my pet, Heath, I knew that I would need to start slowly, sensually, and with a great deal of sensory-based play (ranging from the gentle to the brutal). Each new experience needed to be introduced with great care.
I knew that psychological Domination must be at the fore - the whys and hows and what ifs would need to be engrained in him from the outset, both through outright instruction AND subliminal/hypnotic vocal techniques during sessions.

To the left you can see the first set of tools I used in his first training session, all obtained from, and made by, The Stockroom: mini flogger, Wartenberg wheel, leather mini slapper, and leather blindfold lined in lambs wool. All four items provide a sensory experience, ranging from biting to tickling to deprivation. Each afforded my pet an introduction to accepting sensation on its own merits, accepting Domination, and submitting to the enjoyment of receiving without "returning any favors."

For Heath, the act of simply accepting the gift of sensation, pain, and pleasure is quite a jump from normalcy to the unknown. He had to wrap his mind around the fact that I, his Dominant, LOVE sessioning with him, and that it is for my own enjoyment.

Once he understood that my sadistic mind got IMMENSE pleasure from spanking, flogging, biting, scratching, and teasing him, he was able to truly enjoy being the object of all that attention without feeling guilty.

In this picture, you can see the set up for his first OTK play with an implement, the slapper. I gave him my mirror to hold whilst being spanked so that he could see me, and, more importantly, see how much I was enjoying myself. This technique of visual reassurance is invaluable for the novice submissive being introduced to pain, and submission, in general.

However, as important as it was for him to have the ability to see me during spanking, sight is often the sense that gets in the way of a submissive's enjoyment. All too often they can lose their buzz by looking around, looking at themselves, and (potentially) becoming self conscious.
For men, especially, being visually distracted by the appearance of the Domme can override the intensely enjoyable physical sensations being delivered.

To enhance all other senses, simply remove sight from the equation. This leather blindfold fits very snugly, but also with total comfort. It allowed Heath to let go and feel EVERYTHING with total focus on the sensations being delivered to his body rather than focusing on me, my face, or anything else in the scene.

Another excellent aspect of sight deprivation is Surprise. Heath never knew what sensation was coming next. The wheel? Teeth? My hands? The flogger? Keeping him on edge kept him rock hard and leaking!

Stay tuned for next week's installment: Paddles, Canes, and Marking!

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