Friday, November 8, 2013

Shoe and Foot Fetishism as the Expression of Female Power: A Presentation of Images and Words

The female legs: a pairing of two strong, soft, supple, well-muscled engines of desire and control, 
both in and out of bed.

 The female foot, shod in shining elegance. 
The shoe becomes a beautiful instrument of destruction.

Flexion, definition, and pure strength. 
Beauty lives in the ability to move, stretch, and remain still.

A tease, a glimpse, the promise of the shoe being completely removed, the foot being exposed - 
and then, what else will become uncovered and, ultimately, known?

The foot is the foundation of the beautiful structure that rests upon it. 
The shoe must be worthy of holding such an integral and beautiful piece of the anatomy. 
They must look, together, as though they are one in the same.

Looking up at a woman, 
from her perfectly pedicured feet, 
is to behold her from an all-encompassing vantage point. 
You are permitted to gaze at, then past, her toes, 
all the way to her hair, 
and to appreciate everything in between the two extremes


To be beneath, to be made small, to be made low, and to be stripped of power:  
that is what it means to be at the feet of a Domme, a Goddess, a Mistress, or a Madame.
My joy is your submission.
My bliss is your acceptance.

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  1. A woman's legs and feet are so sexy! When a woman crushes objects with her feet, it shows her power and that is sexy!