Friday, November 29, 2013

Impossible is an Opinion

Take it from someone who used to bandy about the word "Impossible."
I'll never find a long-term pet/partner - it's impossible to find a person who will love me.
I'll never be happy - it's impossible to feel whole and secure.
I'll never have a family of my own - it's impossible to be ready to be a mother.
I'll never be able to be my whole self - it's impossible to do that, safely.

Guess what?

That was all an opinion.
None of it was factual.
None of it.

For a very long time, I accepted the world as a small minded individual.
I lived in the world I'd been given, rather than looking beyond it, seeing the possibilities, and making a world, for myself.

Once I looked at my own power, I realized just how fucking powerful I can be.
I can challenge.
I can Dominate.
I can change.
I can help.
I can heal.
I can give.
I can trust.
I can create.

I can love.

Coming to these realizations, and acting on them, came at a high price: the whole of my doubt, fear, and insecurity.

Pay up.
Move on.

Take the dare.

Never let your own mind overthrow your drive to give love.
Never, ever, allow your insecurities to keep you from the ones who love you, in return.

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