Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Do You view Forced Male Chastity as an effective FemDom tool?"

"I hope I am not bothering YOU with questions but i wanted to get YOUR view of something that i think will be interesting to all YOUR blog followers.
How do YOU see forced male chastity and is it [an] effective tool for male submission?"

Men are notoriously ruled by their sexual desires, both overt and repressed, and by their inherently manic sex drives.
Chastity teaches men their place by controlling what drives them: their cocks.

There is an overabundance of men who think only with their genitals, thus allowing that mindset to direct their interaction with me:
"Hey sexy, you should spank me."
"Hey cutie, can I lick your boots while you step on my dick?"
"You'd look amazing standing over me while I stroke my cock. Can I worship your sexy body?"

 These demands/requests are banal, pathetic, and in no way arouse my interest to respond.
Rather, they cause me to become icily brutal in my denial of services.

 Forced male chastity affords exquisitely present and constant control over men who must learn the respect necessary to interact with a Dominant Female, and, really, any Female.
They must learn that to be in my service, to be actively seeking my Domination, means to not touch, play with, or please themselves unless expressly told to do so.

They must learn, through chastity, that their pleasure and release now depends solely on their obedience to my will.

To answer your question, yes: forced chastity is a highly effective tool in teaching all men that their cocks must be put at the end of the priority list.
 Cocks will be put in a cage, if necessary, in order for subs to think with their minds and, ultimately, give those minds over to my will.

 For seasoned submissives, I believe routine periods of chastity serve as highly effective reminders that they must not be lax in obedience, nor indulgent in their own pleasure.

 It is my will that must be obeyed.
 It is my determination of pleasure and pain to which they must adhere.

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