Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shameless - Redefining the Concept

As a proDomme, I have been referred to as shameless by both proponents and detractors of my work.

Shameless, as it is most commonly used, denotes a female who is overtly sexual in appearance, action, language, or all three.

Shameless = hussy.
Shameless = slut.

What a strange and twisted turn of verbal and lingual events.

I propose that we must secure the literal meaning of the word.
Shameless: without shame, lacking shame, devoid of shame.

We must secure this absence of shame for all consenting adults who seek to explore and participate fully in their own sexuality and the sexuality of consenting partners.

We must, one by one, abolish shame from the pursuit of sexual self-awareness.
We cannot equate recklessness with freedom.
We must take responsibility for our sexuality in every sense.

We must replace shame with determination and a commitment to discovery and respect of our sexual selves and those of our partners.

I am without shame.
I am Shameless.


  1. Shame is caring about how other people, generally ones you don't like or care about very much, think of you. I prefer self-respect.

  2. Hear, hear. In today's social environment of zero privacy and constant scrutiny, I believe some people must have letting go of others' opinions as the first step toward having a higher level of respect for themselves.