Monday, September 23, 2013

Ask-a-Domme : "So, what is it that you DO?"

"As a pro, what would you say it is that you do, generally?" 

As a ProDomme, I don't do certain things:

 I do not become romantically involved with my clients.
 I do not engage in my own personal nudity/penetration with clients.
 I do not inquire to the personal affairs of my clients beyond those aspects of their lives that are pertinent to my work/the health & safety of all involved.

 As a ProDomme, there are certain things that I always do:

 I cultivate open and honest communication with a submissive/his or her partner(s).
I maintain professional communication at all times. There is no room for games or subterfuge in this interaction.
I strive to provide an experience (whether verbal, physical, tactile, or sensory based) that will help the submissive achieve subspace, catharsis, and peace.
I do this through learning about my clients and teaching them about how to access, accept, and enjoy their submissive natures. I then present them with various activities in which they can be submissive, and guide them on their journey for as long as they wish to interact with me.

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